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That ring on your finger
Friday, February 03, 2012 | 2/03/2012 12:52:00 PM |
Due to votes I have posted last year, ring does actually tell us more than being faithful... It works for me, really it does. I stay sober since the day I'm wearing mine (thanks to my sister for taking care of it while I forgot it back at home last month XD). I know it leads to misconception but not for me. Wearing a ring resembles a lot to certain people about the fact that he is marrying somebody. I know I shouldn't doubt myself but you should do more actions to yourself too. Be faithful! If it's not for me then be faithful to the one whom you chose! It hurts to see a ring on your crush's finger but if it's only an accessory, what's the use of wearing one?

I don't deserve to be loved, but if you've chosen somebody better, treat him nicely. Do to him the best you should... and please don't let him feel the same feeling as I'm having right now...
God, please help me...
Maybe the best chance is to let you go and just continue with my search of carrier plans... Sigh~

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