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Every now and then I fall apart XD
Sunday, April 01, 2012 | 4/01/2012 12:19:00 AM |
Hello April... Please be good this month!
I know I should have been sleeping by now but I think I'll make a summary of how I underwent this day. So I've received that book voucher the government gave each and everyone of us but I ended using all of every cent in it exactly today. Bought lots of kids' stuffs just for my pupils and of course for my cutie pie little brother and sister. Can't wait for holiday!

Haven't gone playing squashy recently and I'm starting to miss it. But unfortunately I've seen you today and of course it cured me feeling of how damn I'm missing you. Although we haven't spoken a word (just like usual) but at least it worth it. XD I was thinking about going to meet you all in sudden one day, slap your face and get mad at you asking why did you torture me inside letting me be in an interrogation of feeling? LOl that's crazy but I might do that one day. So please don't be mad at me:

I just think that I should confront this and say to you my real feeling.
Who knows?

There's a lot of works I have to do but I'm just so tired. Maybe I'll do them all tomorrow right after I've done with my business with God (Chruch as I meant it). Tomorrow's our Palm Sunday. I've brought myself some coconut midrib . This time I'll share it with Kellyn (a friend of mine) cause I've taken it back from Kunak just to give her some. Talking aout my works, there's another 2 weeks before I ended my 1st phase practicum. I'll never forget my experiences cause they taught me best!

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