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Family vacation
Friday, July 20, 2012 | 7/20/2012 02:51:00 PM |
Won't say anything much... Last day we have this event in SK Bum Bum, Semporna and it reminded me of my old life when I was still spending all my holidays in Semporna (with my family). Heading to Bum Bum island didn't actually take that long (went there 2 times and forgot how near it was) LOL anyway, I've seen Bohey Dulang and surely my memories started to fade in my mind. I miss that place! I miss my life there and of course Semporna has civilized more than I've imagined. New buildings were everywhere and the town's getting cleaner. Sigh~ if only my dad is still working there, it won't take much obstacles for our club to make a field trip to one of the islands around (realized that now). So... Here are some pictures I consider will refresh my mind to have another happy vacation with my family. Hope to be there with them sooner. :)

This place is where we used to live before :)

Heading to Bohey Dulang Island :)

My mother and si durimut enjoying beach trip :)

Life jacket is a must for the youngsters :)

It's comfortable to conquer all the beach with only my family having our vacation there :)

It's because the day is hot.. LOL picture

The peak of the hill in the island :) (taken from my dad's camera)

I forgot this island's name.. Was it Bogaya or naga something... My family went there but I didn't go with them... Staying in Bohey exhausted snorkeling... LOL

Those two pictures were taken in an educational program held in Sibuan Island... Went there alone with my father and his team (eventually became one of the facilitator)

Those pictures... errr... Taken from my dad's camera.. Forgotten where they were taken.. Both in Sipadan Island I guess...

You know where this is :)

P/s: Miss my family miss the place miss for another vacation :)

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