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Welcome July
Sunday, July 01, 2012 | 7/01/2012 12:08:00 PM |
Hello blog,
and so I have nothing to do today. Attended sun set mass last night and now I'm bored in this room of mine. Weekends, who could have thought I'll be so bored and complain. LOL Anyway, tonight's game for Italy and Espana which I'm pretty sure I'll be a forever fan of Spain. Italy has been better but despise their playing, I still have my faith on the Spaniards.

I'm listening to my oldies songs. This is good for a lazy mood. I could have been sleeping by now but sleeping in times like this (12:18 PM of the afternoon) disgusts me. Anyhow, it's July and I would like to welcome back the month. It's been nice dear June and I hope to see you next year ( in which will remind me to count on the months before I will finally be graduating - cherish to that!) LOoking forward.

And so, I'm thinking about home and looking back to my holiday's pictures folder made me (strangely) miss this kucing gila. Oh he's new in the family members and I didn't actually know why this Kitten is so strange from his other folks. LOL But still somehow I miss him. Can't really wait for the next holidays.


P/s: It's so HOT!

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