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Sacrifices have to be made
Thursday, August 30, 2012 | 8/30/2012 02:05:00 PM |

01:16 am of 30th of August.

I’m outside of the house, smoking, watching the illumination of the moon and listening to my current favourite song, Inside of me by Taru. Found out about this song from the Running man 106th shows. Thanks to my sister for downloading it since I don’t have the mood to watch one last holiday (though I think I should have watched it with them last week). I can’t find the lyric but I’m sure she’s singing this in English... The accent is too hard to be understood but I’ll manage the words.

I made a decision (not just precise yet) that I’ll not be home today. I should have given myself more time to think about going back when I was just there 4 days ago. I’m dying really of going back, I do... but I think going back is just another chance for me to sum up my homesickness. Maybe next 16th of September? Just a thought but I plan to go back home that date whether the family fiesta is going to happen or not. So there’s still another 2 weeks (and 1 week has passed by without me realizing it). This is my second last year (and it’s nearing the end of the year), I should enjoy the moment here.

I’m planning to sleep early today just to get up early tomorrow. My teaching sucks recently and I’m not going too good for the kids. Need to change this for the sake of the children’s education (or future).

I missed home too much and this song is making me feel terrible about my decision. Sacrifices have to be made and I chose mine. I hope I made it right.

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