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Tuesday, October 16, 2012 | 10/16/2012 11:05:00 AM |
Good day,
Looks like I have only the mood to write something when it comes to great changes in my life. Yes, indeed... Called Telupid District officer yesterday just to ask where would my brother be teaching and eventually realized there would be such a drift in my life.. I mean my family's life. Knowing one of my family is having his own career means we have stepped into a further level on the stairs of life.... This is a leap.. A big leap upon our history and dreams. I've never imagined this thing is going to be faster than I thought. I haven't prepared myself into changes that will surely affect my life. I'm proud of my brother... Not just because he has been sacrificing to much for his youngsters but also with the fact that he has been a perfect role model as an older brother. I never should have try to chase him (in which I don't). He just made me realize that shits we've always dreamed of when we were still kids have not lost its hope. Some people may have get in our ways and interfere even with more shits but if we managed it to be here, then the tomorrow will always be waiting for us. That is not only a reminder for our promises, this is also another bookmark for my life's greatest story. 

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