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Saturday, November 03, 2012 | 11/03/2012 10:22:00 PM |
Here's the final deal. I'm revising for my last paper and won't be holding unto my notes much longer. I'm so uncomfortable with my situations now and I'm not in a good mood (practically no mood to talk or even do anything). I'm so devastated and pathetic (yet that's the one thing making me strong). I met God tonight after missing him so much for the rest of the weeks. I'm tired... tired of studying for my degree when all of my friends have already gotten their degree and I'm still stuck here. This angst of mine has become really negative and now I need something to grip.

Being not in a good mood means I'll take every little shits seriously that's why people will always say I'm a bit sensitive. This is normal. I'm glad I'm being normal but somehow I don't want to hurt others just because I've burst my sarcasm out loud. I'm beginning to talk like a cow right now (realized that!). Well anyway I'll be starting to crack my notes pretty soon. Just to make this clear... Having too much to be managed is putting me on the very peak of my mood state.

Please just desert me in an island.

P/s: Ayat-ayat orang gila

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