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Sunday, November 18, 2012 | 11/18/2012 12:33:00 PM |
Ehem, I don't have much to write about.. It's holiday and I'm enjoying every seconds of it.  Went to church today and another event will be coming up. This holiday is going to be the busiest I guess despite I have a very big reason why I'm having my break... hehehehe

Anyway, I shall be posting serious stuffs today.. I've been spending all my nights talking to a phone for nearly about 2 - 3 hours daily just because I miss someone very much. Not to mention a name but I really look forward to the day we'll be meeting. That's the greatest event I'm waiting with such this stomach of mine full of butterflies LOL My financial problem is surely killing me softly right now that's the one reason I'm hesitating my plans. Plus, my family is going to move into a new place (this would be the 5th time) and my days ahead are getting more confusing - that includes every plans we have for the next month. Sigh~

Have you noticed I've changed my template again? Since Christmas is nearing, I guess a little spice of snow would do my blog good. I miss my hiatus mode but the codes are missing and I can even find them anywhere. BTW, choosing Michael Buble's song surely would be suitable instead of my first choice, Celtic Woman's. Probably will be changing into that later but let just say Michael has helped me a lot for my Christmas spirit this year. My next list would be Buble's


I love Buble's voice and I love the lyrics. My spirit of Christmas would change listening to specific singers that is why I'm thinking about Celtic Woman's songs.

Anyway, hopefully I'll plan my days ahead better and systematically. I'm just dying to wait. :P

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