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Saturday, December 08, 2012 | 12/08/2012 12:18:00 PM |

I don’t know if I’m in the right position to talk about anyone else’s relationship. I’m a pretty good analyzer but still I defy judgments in my life. It’s not comfortable to know one based on our keen observations and keep them to ourselves so this stereotypical view is kept secret or unless dramas will follow later. We all have different ways managing our relationship. There are the existences of types of that thing and I’m practically pointing my fingers on yours (because I have mine too). Please do not judge me, I’m just writing this based on my experience (and sharing won’t be a burden). I’m not telling you how to run your relationship, I pretty much would like to know your stories. But let’s just say I’m the narrator now.

Now firstly, the only thing I remember from starting serious relationship in our life is to know what you and your significant other need. There’s a lot to argue to find the key of happiness and if we aren't dare enough to face that then be prepare to sink. I’m fond of people who know exactly what they need to find between each other. I’m happy to hear maturity grows based on what you planted; with maturity comes respects.

I have always been skeptical before. I asked too much (not because I didn't understand but I need clarifications) to dig more – or more to analyzing the truth for the voices I heard. This is why I hardly accept people and believe them right away. In relationship, skepticism shouldn't be allowed. I mean, it’s best to have arguments and solve them together but make it small. Don’t push things too much. You are told what you should know, don’t ask for more. I learned that the best way to delete all your skepticism thoughts is to believe each other and have less doubt in between. If you’re happy with your relationship, think happy thoughts and if vice versa, talk about it. One of you should have the sense of being romantic, right? (at least…)

Talking about responsibility, Sigh… Where great nations comes great responsibility but nay I wouldn’t think any of that. There’s no burden to think about in relationships. We were given what we want to, the key is to appreciate it. If you told your significant other to be your life then be as it is. Appreciate what you have; don’t think too much how to handle things as if they’re really fragile you might break it someday. I like myself being spontaneous – it’s best to know the real routine of the life and it’s casual.
I’m happy with my relationship now. This is all I’m looking for. I’m living my life with bliss from it and I will never let it slip away. J

p/s: I guess this previous entry won’t count now. :P


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