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Saturday, February 16, 2013 | 2/16/2013 08:22:00 PM |
So I went for dinner just now and realized there's a slight scent of being home. Suddenly it came to me that all the past 4 years (in that exactly same moment), I know I'll still be home and be insecure about going back here. It was a short and vivid feeling of homesickness. For all those years I've left and enjoy the same period of this cause of holidays, it would be my very first week going back home after that New Year's celebration. I remembered I was counting on the days just because I'm sick of calling home every seconds of every night. Sigh~ when I finally managed myself accepting the fact that this place is my temporary home, there's still another few months to go through. I didn't actually want to recall what have I undergone here but this memory won't stop lingering telling me what have I done in this place. It's not like all the memories are revolving around me anymore (knowing that I'll be having amnesia next year). I just want to differentiate the imagination I had back when I was on the very peak of my high school and the real truth of this.. undergraduate's life. They were not actually that much of a difference but still the existence of that can not be denied (on the side of personal stuffs). The tiredness I've collected all these years can finally be resolved. I just have to be patience for a little bit more. 

To all those suffering from sadness or depression, know that it isn't your fault. It isn't because you’re weak. It isn't because you’re just not grateful enough. It isn't because you’re just not religious enough. It isn't because you don’t have enough faith. It isn't because God is angry with you. To all the well-meaning people who tell you this, just smile. And know deep in your heart that the tests of God come in different forms to different people. And know that, by the help of God, every test can become a tool to get closer to Him. And that, verily, with hardship come ease–and like all things of this world–this too shall pass.

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