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Red moon
Thursday, February 28, 2013 | 2/28/2013 08:46:00 PM |
It's Thursday night and I have nothing much to do. I've finished preparing for tomorrow's lesson except that I have to print some of them. I'm actually bored having to be free for only a night. It's been a few weeks from the past holidays and now I'm counting my days for the next holidays. Keep missing home lately since I didn't  have the time to meet my family. It's full moon and I will usually post poetic stuffs (like I did back in 2011). I didn't actually know why my routines met its drastic changes. Probably because I lost the track of being who I am, what I want and etc etc. I thought i would accept this as a transition but no. I'm tired of hanging on with barely one hand. Been posting ridiculous and depressing stuffs lately realized that. I just need a break. The moon is so red tonight and it's the sign of the last day in February - and welcome to the most meaningful month in my life. Being in March means there's another 8 months before I'll be leaving this place. Can't actually wait to put an end to this. 

It's only a matter of time for everything.

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