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Typically me
Friday, April 05, 2013 | 4/05/2013 11:46:00 PM |
I was watching Smash whilst marking my pupils' paper as it reminded me a lot about my previous term. I liked how I managed my time, my concern towards my pupils, my certainty of being able to get good marks on my papers etc etc. It was all a bliss to have listened all the songs that could remind you about your histories. There's nothing much to write about. My 6th term was a total change of life. I'm still in the aftershock of everything but currently happy with it. The dramas I found in the casts taught me a lot about my life. I should have made them simpler earlier. Now that I'm holding myself for a better future, I hope this will going to be the last for me. Let's just make this clear, although time has undergone so fast now, I thought I needed time to stay still - sitting around in the corner of my room trying to reflect back what have  I learned from all the shits I'm sucking in my life... but actually the better choice I have for myself is to just go on. I'm such a typical person!

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