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Tuesday, October 01, 2013 | 10/01/2013 12:26:00 AM |
Hello there.
So making the story short, I went to a fortune telling booth today and had myself predicted by tarot cards reading. As usual I have to shuffle the decks to get started and conscientiously chosen 3 cards accordingly to my past, present and future. I didn't care enough of my past as I know I've pass them through well. What I care most is this card representing my present situation:

Unfortunately, this card was the least I expected to draw. I'm not a superstitious person but I found the values of being predicted mysterious (been on this insight a few years back online). Curiosity made me google it's meaning when the only thing I can hear from the fortune teller is this sentence:
"It literally doesn't represent death itself. It symbolizes the end of something.. maybe a career, a relationship... or something that you care most..."
I've been facing the face of 'death' too much lately (although it doesn't actually affect my life) but I still empathize what it symbolizes to me. I pity myself for being too carried away emotionally knowing I shouldn't bother much. These few interpretations have a slight penetration on me:
  • The change of perspective through which The Hanged Man have passed is truly transformational, thus it is natural that the next card is all about transformation, the birth of something new after something old has died. This card certainly and unjustly is one of the less popular when it shows up in the reading. In the west even the word is sometimes stigmatized while in the east, people are more likely to understand that death is integral part of cycle of life, nothing new can ever happen if some old things don't die. This card can actually mean a "true" death but this card is primary about a transformation, the endings. The end of your current employment that you are not satisfied with, of some kind of relationship in your life, maybe it signifies moving to a new house or just changing a personal image. In fact, many times we are delighted something is finally over and done with. The ones who are afraid of this card are those that don't understand that the change is beneficial and it happens all the time. Look at yourself ten, twenty years ago and you will see that some parts of you, some beliefs you had have died while some other have taken their place. The only reason why transformation is illustrated in such catastrophic tone is because it is often fought against by those whose egos are afraid of the change. Just look at our politicians today all over the globe, they are certain to experience this card on one level or the other, because Death, just like Justice is fair and inevitable.
also this...
  • Death, the Tarot card of transformation, signifies the commencement of profound change. In a Tarot reading, the Death card indicates that another life cycle has ended and a new cycle has begun. Death often represents the transition between these two chapters of life. The Death Tarot card is the continuation of The Hanged Man’s journey of surrender. Sacrifice has led to self-acceptance, and one’s concept of self has been forever altered. The old self has been discarded and a new one has yet to fully form. In death, a new birth inevitably follows.
  • Thirteen is the corresponding number to Death. The number thirteen is made up of the numbers one and three and when added together equals the number four. Four represents stability and order. Four is the number of manifestation.
  • Death, so often associated with chaos, actually initiates the transformation necessary to begin a new phase of life. In a Tarot spread, the Death card represents the rules of nature, which transform old life into the new. Death is not an ending, but rather a part of a greater cycle where the past lays foundations for the future. Death is part of a larger pattern. What can be seen as destructive is, in truth, the opportunity for something much greater. Death plants the seeds for the growth of tomorrow. Death is an act of generosity as it cleanses and purges the remnants of our old lives. Although there is a great deal of grief associated with death, this grief serves a productive purpose. It is our way of saying goodbye to something familiar and known, and ultimately prepares us for a new way of living.
  • The negative aspect to the Death card is inevitability. In a Tarot reading, the Death card reminds us that death does not discriminate and has no preferences. All must eventually meet him on their journey. Death's Tarot card meanings remind us of our mortality and constantly shadows our every move. We cannot escape death nor try to make a deal with him. He represents the ultimate act of acceptance.
I could barely paying attention if the card I've picked was upside down (I thought the fortune teller was supposed to know about this) but still here's the meaning for future references:
In a reversed position, Death typically warns that there is a refusal to change. This could be related to a fear of the unknown or being too attached to old ideas that allow you to feel safe. In a Tarot reading, Death indicates that you are gripping on to an outdated situation, relationship, or perspective. You may feel a reluctance to look forward due to your attachment to the past. You may be forced to give up what you do not necessarily want to. Resisting change makes the process much more painful. Surrender and acceptance would be in your best interest. Choosing to face the transformation reaps the greatest reward.
  • Failure to change 
  • Fear of the future 
  • Feelings of depression and apathy 
  • Attachment to one’s past
I wasn't sure if I've actually met the reincarnation they mentioned above but looking back to few years ago, I totally can relate to all the changes I've gone through. My life has gradually changed in all means (they're just to much to be written). Amazingly, I'm thankful to what I'm having right now (if only they were the results of my pasts). I know they costed me too much but I still cherish all the values it brought me. So... Welcome October... Cheer's to another final month being here as an undergraduate...

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