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Monday, June 09, 2014 | 6/09/2014 09:44:00 PM |
Guten Tag.
I'm in the mood of blabbing so here goes the writing. Spending the holidays with le familia has been a bliss. It's been long since the days we made memories together so that's the one time I never regretted for being in dad's workplace. The last time I've spent my night time being there was last 2012 and now that I've much experienced the temperature , I've backpacked my own survival kits (just garments of course - LOL). I was born in a cold land (on the hills) but growing up in different places evolved me into someone who can't stand being in a chilly place. My  dad's workplace is one of a kind. The temperature will turn into as low as 14°C in the midnight so sleeping would be a trouble. My future brother in law was there too (a fetcher, should I say) and I pity him much. The plan to go there was an abrupt and he didn't have his own survival kit. Preach the lesson, young guy.

Making the story short, here's some pictures to view:




So long till I step my foot here again. I'm beginning to be fond of the place as here, it started everything (in terms of my relationship - LOL). 
I'm glad I've spent my holidays with simple unplanned activities. Haven't spent any much lately and seems like there's no use regretting the past. I was actually planning on gaining more weights this holiday because of all the pressures from my workplace but this is actually more interesting. The values of spending the precious moments of leisure is much more worth it when you have something to fill it for. And it could have been more lovely if we're spending those times with the important ones.

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