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Dark history for Sabahan
Monday, June 15, 2015 | 6/15/2015 12:37:00 PM |
It's the first day of my second semester and life has been okay so far. The first of everything in my life has always been the hardest especially when I have to say goodbye to something (in this case, my 3 weeks break). Holidays seem short when there's something worth spending with. I miss everything and going back here is a question I need to ask myself if it's for the best or not. My past 3 weeks were filled with all the feelings I can't describe myself. The first, of course, relaxed me to my core that I spent quite a lot of it on my own. I've been to my village, and that's where the horror begins.

Earthquake is actually a common thing already here now that I've encountered with it for a few times in my life. Reminiscing back, I was lucky to wake up so early (due to the nightmare haunted me that night). The shock begun when I was reading messages from my friends. At first it started as if someone was racing in the house. "This is going to end real quick" I said to myself thinking that my experiences with the tremors happened in my life before never actually leave a trace. When all of the sudden the quakes evolved until the house seemed like collapsing, I followed my family rushed outside. Realizing that my younger brother wasn't around, I quickly went into the house but fact is he left earlier to school that morning. When we entered the house a few minutes after, one of my book shelves was lying on my bed. I knew it would have hit me if I was still in the house.

The incident traumatized not just only me but to all people around the district (living on the epicenter of the earthquake itself!). My uncle is one of the survivors stranded at the peak of the Kinabalu Mountain. I salute him and his 32 other guide friends for their courage guiding the other 137 hikers back down safely. Thank God he's still alive. 18 life was sacrificed by the tremor (I know some of the victims) and 72 after-quakes were recorded to stabilize the plates. Of course mass media helps a lot in spreading gruesome news making the incident looks worse than it already has but only God know how it affected a lot to Sabahan especially those who live right below the mountain growing up everyday seeing how its structures changed and consume the lives of its people by the tumbling of the stones. 05 June 2015 marks the darkest history for all Sabahan.

I'm homesick. Hoping that the last 5.1M aftershock was the finale to end it all, I pray the people of Ranau for their safety especially for my families and friends back there. 

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